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This is not a photo book. This is not a book about a photographer. Its not even a book actually. And its certainly not a book with people in it. Its a show. A therapy. A narrative. The story of one and the same person, a story that takes shape through these portraits, beyond the clothes, the nude, the stagings, the woman, the man. Thats not an answer. It is a questioning. About identity, about life, trouble, research, beauty. This book, in fact, is a reflection of herself.

Stefanie Renoma - Remember your future cover 2

  • With: Raphael Say, Alicia Tadrist, Lissa de Lorenzo, Elsa Oesinger, Chloé Bernard, Melanie Dedigama, Alexandra Zimny, Stéphanie Grasset, Elliot Sailors, Audrey Bouetté, Frederic Lerner, Giovanny Bonamy, Patricia Contreras, Candice Duthé, Tatiana Platon, Alexandrina Turcan ...


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