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Why did you become a model? 
The artistic milieu in the broad sense has always attracted me since childhood. I was quite creative and dynamic (various manual activities, writing games, theatre, singing, dancing). Thanks Mom ! All at home (and at school). As a teenager, "photographers" flirted with me in town, in supermarkets, on my way back from college or high school,... In short, I refused shootings every time! And as later, I was very invested at the cultural level in the Lille metropolis, I met a lot of people, including a person I had been following on Facebook for a few years, but he didn't want me at the time because I was not a model. It was late 2012. It's getting old now. And the story started like that, I had just had my contract at the Town Hall of my city come to an end, so I was free as air. Then Trixie appeared! 

Why nude?
Because I was put in from the first session!   I was very shy. And then it happened like this.

Why stop the nude?
Because it pisses me off to be honest! Tired of always being naked, summer and winter. Thinking about having a flat stomach, avoiding bulges, building your buttocks, getting your chest out... I want to be able to make myself a good tartiflette before doing a session, if I want to. I'm good at living, I don't want to think about my body all the time, nor about my image. I want to be able to be free to manage my hair as I see fit without thinking about it. Being a nude model is not always easy. Think of all the times I had to climb over filthy, greasy, dusty stuff to get a dream photo! All these bruises resulting from acrobatic sessions, my other half often had trouble believing me seeing my post-shoot condition, the scratches from the rocks, the stupid people who didn't appreciate me putting my ass on their house, the morning cold with degrees well below zero, turning me into a smurfette, and so on. So dress me, my dears! :) But be reassured, I will make a few appearances again in my best outfit...!

Is there a border between eroticism and the nude?
Borders are fragile. The nude can be non-erotic and to evoke eroticism, arouse desire, you don't necessarily need nudity. I don't want to draw up a definition of one or the other. It would take too long! But, it is true that when I announce my job to novices, it shocks! They think I do porn!

Your male fantasy?
(Laughs) It's me! 

Is being a model being an exhibitionist?
No. Because being an exhibitionist consists in showing your genitals outrageously in public, according to the definition. I'm not showing off at all. To tell you, I've been a fan of naturist beaches for 4 years (to avoid traces of swimsuits) and I feel a little embarrassed to walk around naked on the beach! And yes... And yes!

What would a photographer who has worked with you say?
Well, choose it (well) and ask him!

If you hadn't been a model?
I would surely still be locked up in my little town hall with another small contract, or maybe an X actress or a nun. I do not know!

Why this nickname?
Trixie, it comes a long way. I really like this name. Look at its meaning on the net. It's all me. Except for the jealous and possessive side. Two things that are unknown to me and fortunately. Eva is for the Eve side in the Garden of Eden. Lhomme is related to my hometown, Lomme. And Eve crunches for Adam, her man. Then stripped. There is a bit of Adam in Eva. Eva also has the same positive values and energies as Trixie. And don't forget, my first Tatoo is a snake! It gives: Eva Lhomme Trixie, in the right order.

Your main character trait?

Which one are you the least proud of?

Your favorite pastime?
(Laughs) I won't tell you!

What do you plan to do in the next 10 years?
Difficult question, I have a lot of stuff in mind. The whole thing is to succeed in concretizing them, to go to the end of things. Various areas appeal to me. But creation remains on the agenda. So see you in 10 years... Same day, same time...

How do you play with your image?
Not so much after all! I advertise for exhibitions, magazines   and books, little-known artists that I like, my friends, jobs, where the Trixie obviously appears! I also do teasing for my personal purposes, outings, restaurants, tips for the cities where I move. But in the end I am not very present on the networks. Besides, I don't use tweeter or Instagram. I don't have a Facebook fan page! Just 1 account (and two backups) as well as my online Book. It's largely enough. Word of mouth does the rest. We post a lot for me (thanks by the way!). No need to play more than that with my image. At the vernissage, I use my character freely, and there, I play yes, and I like it!

Your anxiety?
Go crazy one day!

Your projects ?
In the short term: do more fashion and beauty photography, do different projects and above all have more roles in the cinema.

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