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Born in Spain in 1972, Txema Yeste began his career as a journalist after studying photography in Barcelona and then in Birmingham. His stunning and surreal images combine high-end technique, sophisticated imagination and perfectionism.

Txema Yeste has been searching for real people since her beginnings as a photojournalist in subjects ranging from gypsy families to politicians, from truck drivers to famous writers. But today, his models are much more glamorous. However, even though he has moved from documentaries for newspapers to producing creative editorials for major fashion magazines, Txema remains fascinated by capturing unique individuals and subjects.

Txema's editorials and campaigns always give the impression that her models are strong and complex creatures, with lives of their own, rooted in tales and legends. His work spans as much the variety of characters and personalities as it does clothing and accessories.

- Find the rest of Txema Yeste in Normal Magazine n°11 -

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