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Eugenio Recuenco was born in 1970 in Madrid. A true giant of visual expression, he invites the adventurous viewer to discover a mysterious world of futuristic dreamlike sets. Influenced by the grandmasters of Spanish classical painting such as Goya, El Greco, and Zurbarán, Eugenio also casts his creative energy into the moving image, with inspiration from Kubrick’s movies or even fairy tales. He became famous through his advertising films for Loewe, Nina Ricci and Chivas, which have brought him numerous awards and international recognition. In 2005, his image for Playstation received a Gold Lion at Cannes. In 2007, he collaborated on the prestigious Lavazza calendar, creating a Don Quixote hallucination scene. Eugenio Recuenco is considered one of the most creative photographers in Spain, not to say in the world, and this title wouldn’t be undeserved. His portfolio bristles with campaigns for prestigious brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton, in addition to album covers for the German metal band Rammstein. Very cinematic in style, his images possess a highly developed narrative style, sometimes exploring the fairy tale realms of childlike innocence, at other times his work conveys a dark oppressive atmosphere. As a creator of stories, Recuenco breathes life to new worlds, and imaginary situations and characters. Recognizable not only for his highly theatrical pieces and masterful treatment of light, Recuenco is a real storyteller. While working on a project of personal short films, he designed sets as the artistic director for the opera Les Huguenots at New York’s Fisher Center. He is currently working on the pre-production of his first feature film project.


Your criteria for beauty ?
I am always looking for beauty and I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s something that can be felt, as an emotion that arises and gives you a full awareness of your surroundings. And when it is not there, I still search for the perfect combination to ensure that beauty comes to the surface. But unfortunately I do not know where I have to look and where I can find it. Certainly that is why art is intangible and not a mathematical thing.

Rather inspiration or imagination ?
My photographs are born through imagination. They evolve with the work and finally if you're lucky, they end up being good. However it’s very different from inspiration.

At your level, do the big brands impose constraints ?
Always, and they can be more or less drastic, but generally brands will give you their list of specifications. But the problem doesn’t come from this, because in the end their specs are merely the starting point of work. There is a problem when brands need originality and finally they ask you for something in the opposite direction. Working under these conditions doesn’t exactly give you a clear way ahead because the direction is obviously subjective and obscure.

Do you consider yourself a creator ?
I love photography, of course, but I come from the world of painting. At the end of the day the most important for me is to create visual images. I’m also an artistic director for opera and movies. Also, architecture is a topic I'm very interested in.

Your passions ?
Do things, create, and at the end of the day, to have a concrete idea of what I managed to make and build. It’s very important for me to see and to feel what I create. Creativity and abstraction are quite complicated for me, even though the concept and the ideas are very important in my pictures, or almost indispensable. But an abstract idea must be seen in a unique moment, not like a physical thing as beautiful as it might be.

God created the universe, and you, what would you have created ?

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