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"I'm creating a fiction based on truth. Photography is a narration where you are able to invent your own reality. I do not take pictures, but I make pictures that reflect my worldview. Photography is just a process. The photograph is not for me the thing I want to show, but this is the way how to show things that matter. The creation process is often long and complicated. Most of the time, I'm so absorbed by the idea, the whole process has become an essential part of my life and my survival (laughs). There is something, which drags me forward so intensely that it becomes the most important of my basic needs. This process includes concept development, research, production, art direction, casting and research locations, styling, hair and make-up as well as the entire organization and communication all around. Everything is important. Normally, I work without a budget, it's a total improvisation. I think most of creativity born of discomfort and lack of resources when you are forced to invent new solutions. "


Can you describe your style (like a good friend of you would describe it ?

I create fiction which is based on truth. Photography is a kind of storytelling where you are  able to invent your own reality. I’m not taking pictures but making pictures which represent my own vision, which always reflects on this world. I’m trying to pursue a point where the “commercial” (or popular) and “artistic” meet, focusing both on the visual and conceptual sides of photography. I have no definite style, it is always changing and evolving together with my personality


 You are "very young" and still at school, how is it going with your professors, I guess it's quite peculiar? 

Professors are my biggest support. I study with high expectations to learn a lot and improve myself as much as possible. I appreciate anybody who is supporting me on this journey of discovering and development. 


Are you more famous than them ?

It is hard to judge that but fame is not my main concern. I’m very pleased if people like my work but high quality and devoutness to truth are much more important. I want my work to be seen and recognised but on most of all I want to understand what I'm doing and what is my purpose if we speak about the free work. 


 A model you want to work with ?

I like to work with people who are or can be close to me. We need our models to really become the picture physically but also mentally. For this reason good communication and connection between members of the whole team is crucial. The best way to stage something is to let it happen, the emotions look sincere only when they are real.


 How do your images come to life ?

It is a long and often complicated process. To release the trigger is the last and actually easiest part. 

Most of the time I'm so absorbed by the idea that the whole process became an essential part of my life, or even survival.  It is something which moves me forward so intensely, that it becomes the most important of my basic needs. While having an idea, in which I believe, I cannot really sleep or do anything else until I am able to bring it to life. It is the feeling of the great fascination and importance, which is almost overcoming me. The energy to wake up and work as hard as possible without even realizing it. Without this feeling I just don't feel fulfilled.

- Meet Eveylin Bencicova in Normal Magazine issue 1, 9 & 11 -