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Frank De Mulder is a Belgian photographer who just celebrated his 50th birthday. He received his first camera from his father at the age of 12. He quickly became fascinated by the film based imagery of his darkroom. At 17, he began to reproduce pictures of David Hamilton. At that time, he spent all his pocket money on photographic equipment and learned the different techniques of photography and lighting from books. He enrolled in a film class at the RITS, the Audio-visual and Drama School of Brussels, and then finished his studies at the Royal Art Academy in Ghent, where he graduated with honours. He served his military service in the cinematography division and realized a few “war movies.”

Frank De Mulder began his career as a cameraman and director of photography in several short films and adverts. At the age of 29, he decided that photography was his true passion and since then, he has make his way and worked on large advertising campaigns and several magazines, including Playboy, FHM, GQ etc. Today, he is best known as an artistic-nude photographer. As "it takes two to tango," Frank works with his associate Michele van Damme whom he entrusts with the artistic direction and postproduction of his works. He recently acquired a third studio with her. His images take us beyond the clichés and show us his interpretation of the world as a painting or a sketch. His photographs are never provocative, but keep a fragile balance on the boundary of the forbidden. His photographs are all about aestheticism and a quest for purity: the woman who offers her naked body to the photographer's eye is then sublimated. With Frank, eroticism is wrought with mystery, but never with vulgarity.

He immortalizes his sensual and erotic models, and captures moments of intimacy and beauty which overcome the senses; he captivates and fascinates. Mulder has a sense of unequalled sophistication to develop captivating and erotic scenarios and he creates and shapes a complex and singular storyline. In his nuanced provocation, his models become alive, make sense to us in a dramatic and erotic tension enthralled in a luxurious and romantic intrigue.


What is your favourite type of photography ?
Nude photography. Because it's so pure.

Which are your main influences in terms of art ?
Musically speaking: from Enaudi to ACDC, depending on the mood I'm in; in cinema: Quentin Tarantino, Bernardo Bertolucci, cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. 

Besides photography, do you have any other passions ?
Music, cinema, sauna.

Do you have obsessions, rituals, when creating a photograph ?
I like to smoke a cigarette before an important shoot

The part of the body you prefer to shoot ?
The bottom.
What do you love about women (when you create) ?
I love it when the model is as enthusiastic, open minded and creative as me. Actually, I like it when she takes initiative. I like it when I only need to record instead of direct.
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