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Gabriele Rigon was born in 1961 in a small village in Gemona del Friuli, in the north-eastern part of Italy. On top of being a photographer, he also works as a helicopter pilot for the Italian army. He flies Bell UH-1 Iroquois (known as “Hueys”) and Boeing CH-47 Chinooks. Coming from a family of photographers, he grew up in that kind of environment: his great-grandfather and grandfather opened a photo studio in 1898. Gabriele’s crib was indeed rocked to the rhythm of the camera’s trigger, but his passion for photography came to him several years later, as a pilot. In 1989, while he was in Namibia, on a mission for the United Nations during the elections for independence, he used his camera to document the events and became the military photographer of his division. He fell in love with portraits and, back in Italy, he started doing photography, a passion that hasn’t left him. For Gabriele, the female body is the most irrepressible and most provocative thing in the world.


It is nature in its most transcendent form. Gabriele tries, by his art, to transcribe what he feels, his irresistible attraction for the aestheticism of the female body. He sees beauty in everything and he works to interpret it all, playing with light and shadows, shapes and abstraction, to commune with beauty. His vision of the nude is pure. His unique images are the result of the mingling and the combination of ideas, projects and dreams. He draws his inspiration everywhere. Gabriele does not see nudity as stillness and the absence of movement, which are usually necessary to the execution of the nude model: the body is not static; it is alive because it is not out of time. It exists, it lives. A future is to be had; the pose is not ultimate, it is implied and fuels the imagination.

- Meet Gabriele Rigon in Normal Magazine n°2 -

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