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Gilles de Beauchene is a photographer attracted by the world of the imaginery who in constantly flirting with reality. With a subtle alchemy and an impressive technical mastery, he opens up, for every picture, a magical skylight to his world. Inspired by the imaginery worlds of Tolkien, Burton or Bilal, plunging into the aesthetics of video games and comic books, continuously playing with the infinitely large and the microscopic world, he stages, he staged imaginary characters, fairies, seahorses and multifaceted women in an out of sync world to make them almost real.

Always drawing his scenes before taking pictures of them, Gilles de Beauchêne then works with a model marker to develop his decors. A perfectionist right to the end, using the light with talent, he then invites us in his worlds and we want to enter in these extreme characters life, who live beyond their dream and go all the way to their desires and their fantasies.