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How do you start as a model ?
I was scouted by a model agent when I was 17, but I was very shy and unsure about myself. And then I started when I was 18 years old, because I got the courage to go to castings and try something new. Casting after casting and I got my first job offers, and that is how it started.

What motivates you ?
My family, friends, love and beauty of life.

Qualities of a good model ?
Punctuality, diversity, uniqueness.

Place to relax ?
At home in the garden or by the sea.

Favorite music ?
Pretty much everything oldschool, older than 60s. My favorite decade is 50s. I love also jazz and blues. I can't name a specific band that is my favorite, because I like so many.

An anecdote during a shooting ?
Better not, I usually don't like laughing pictures of me.

Bikini or topless ?
Topless of course, I don't like tanlines.

Your typical day ?
Day off at home, or day off while I'm traveling are very different. When I'm home, always some computer work, gym, good movie or a book, meeting friends and faimily. A typical day off when I'm traveling is excursions, food and local people. Just trying to explore as much as I can from a new place.

Your secret crush ?
If I tell, it is not a secret anymore.

If you want one question to be asked to you what would it be ?
My hobbies. I do photography too. My favorite models are bugs and caterpillars.

Your project ?
My project is about developing myself and exploring the world as much as I can.

Your greatest ambition as a model ?
Vogue cover of course!

- Meet Ilvy Kokomo exclusively inside Normal Magazine -

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