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What did push you into this art’s arms ?

I did a shooting with Julie Loen, more as a test, and I noticed that she had done some erotic and surrealistic photos for an exhibition. I am keen on erotic art, photos, drawings, books since many years. It seemed normal to me to follow that track and to pose for that kind of images. That was the funniest experience I had since a long time. I really liked it, the results were fabulous and thanks to it I made a portfolio which caught the eye of some photographers from London, Paris and so on. I never stopped doing this since then. Things were moving so fast and I found my new passion !

How do your collaborations with photographers begin ?

Posing is my passion, not my job, the time I can practice is rather limited so I had to be selective. I work with a few people only. Most of the photographers I work with now are the ones I have been collaborating with for many years. I reach someone else just now and again. I need to feel really inspired by the visions and the images, to share the same kind of estheticism with the photographer I am working with. If I am curious enough concerning his universe to state that I want to be a part of it to that I can bring something to it, then I reach him. If the feeling is right between us, we decide to make plans.

What was the idea that you have in mind on Nude Art before you start working for it ?

I though Nude Art was something very sexy and exciting. I did not know that it could be so rewarding emotionally speaking. A creative release which allows to express oneself, to explore some new feelings and emotions and to tell stories. Being naked is just a detail according to me. I began my carrer as a Nude model so I’m used to it, I feel more comfortable naked. Less insecure than dressed. If I am doing something explicitly sexual or erotic, being naked or half-naked constitues a important part  of the experience. Everything depends on the shooting though. But I love being naked in front of the lens sing. I am an exhibitionnist, but being naked makes me feel more vulnerable and open mostly, which helps for shooting. 

You work for cinema as well, especially in clothes and stylism, is there a contradiction right here ?

I love cinema and being a costumier. Dress others and help them telling stories by finding clothes which fits, it really amuses me. I am always thinking about clothes for other people. I pose during my free time, it’s my hobby and my passion, something different, the lens sing is different. I don’t need to be naked, but I don’t want to deal with my costume when I am posing. Actually, I don’t have much time, and it’s easier to come at a shooting with a pair of shoes and a few dresses than coming with a whole elaborate costume. Moreover, I’m a perfectionist, I would like to do many things I don’t have the time to do them. Sketching some amazing dresses, creating headdresses… One day, maybe. But it is a great advantage to work for the cinema. I always think with pictures in my mind. And I always can borrow Oslo’s studios what I need if I talk about it with the photographer before. I always bring some little things, sometimes even antiques items or authentic piece of clothing which I rent.  However I like to use clothes as props or a place to start. Art and erotic photography is what I want to do, being naked or half-naked always works the best when it comes to that kind of pictures.

Where can we draw a line between this art and provocation ?

Not really. People see provocation in many things. Some are even shocked if they see a boob. Everyone has they limits. As far as I’m concerned, I love provocation. I love being provocative. A good picture makes you feel something. I got a lot of feedbacks on my pictures and I like it. Last week, one said that I was not a basic model but that I built a bridge between Art and High-Quality eroticism. « It’s amazing, but maybe a little too much for ordinary people ». I really liked that compliment. Someone else said that « your pictures are provocative and moving in a indescribable way ». Those kind of feedbacks are really inspiring. I like making people feel something.

Is the model the core of a photography ?

It depends. Some photographers want to create images with me because of who I am, the way I talk and the way I look. They work with me if I am the model whom comes to their minds when they pictured the photography, if I have the qualities they need to create a certain vision. And in some cases, just the meeting between two people, the chemistry between the model and the photographer, the mutual inspiration, the link itself is the core of the work.

What do you prefer about being a model ?

Meeting interesting artists. Work with good people. Traveling. Having an excuse for making crazy things. Pushing the limits. Feeling the adrenaline through our veins after having made something very hard or risqué. 

Do you feel more desirable since you have posed naked ?

Not in every day life. I do online but it’s superficial. I sometimes receive compliments about my looks, it’s flattering obviously, but to be honest, I prefer when people say that they are moved by my picture in one way or another.  But without any doubt, posing made me feel more confident about myself. It’s not that I change the way I see myself but due to my experiences, good or bad, it made me more confident. Trips, challenges, people I met, and the talents I developed — create images which make me feel good.

Do you prefer posing outside or inside ?

It does not matter as long as there is something inspiring. Props, nature, atmosphere,  sound, light… It’s sometimes uncomfortable to shoot outside when it’s freezing but at the end, I feel more inspired when I am suffering rather than being in my comfort zone. 

Can you describe your style in term of photographers ?

It’s not that obvious describing my style as a model, I have worked with so many  different photographers with so many different styles. But I can maybe give you a few words which highlight the most my style : I love surrealistic pictures, the dark erotic art and pictures which tell stories. I try to adapt according to the themes I have been given, if it’s erotic, I tend to add a part of sensuality and mystery.

With which photographer would you like to work?

Ellen von Unwerth.  I think it would be really fun !

Which qualities  does a person should have to become a model ?

I think the most important qualities which are required to be a model is being adventurous, open-minded, easy-going and not taking things to seriously.

Your bedside book ?

Chez Pazienza: Dead Star Twilight.

How would you describe yourself ?

Intense, creative, funny and kind.

Your plans ?

I already published a hardcover book and I have an idea for the following one. I am also working on a series of mini-slides which sets mice in a shabby Victorian atmosphere. It’s a huge plan which takes me a lot of time. But I am very motivated. I also make some mini-sculptures, mice, I created the costumes and the settings… There is a story for each story, all gloomy. I launched this plan in 2017.

The feminine Nude has without any doubt more success than the masculine Nude. How do you explain that phenomenon ?

I only can speak for myself. Men bodies may be gorgeous, but I have one  masculine nude hardcover book whereas fifty feminine nude hardcover book. It’s more interesting, more beautiful and more sensual. It’s also a matter of culture.

- Meet Ingvild exclusively inside Normal Magazine -

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