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Jean-Paul Goude wears many hats: genius graphic artist, illustrator, photographer and advertising film director. But surely his chief role is as the creator of a visual imagery in which he creates an atmosphere combining creativity, humour, and sexuality. This year, the city of Nice devoted an exhibition to his work entitled "An Introspection" at the Theatre of Image and Photography. Retracing his career by honouring his photographic work which has often been thrown into the background or detached from its context, the exhibition presents over 230 photographs and a film designed specifically for the occasion. Jean-Paul Goude began working for glamour magazines until he was literally discovered by the editor of Esquire Harold Hayes, who offered him the post of artistic director.


There, Goude developed an aesthetic style in keeping with that of the two artists he was fascinated by: Irving Penn and Richard Avedo. From this time his art consisted of commercials with saturated colours, an exaggeration of the exotic and geometric lines, which have achieved a cult status. He has imposed his style on the world stage, photographing models and diverse artists. In 2013, he was elevated by the French Minister of Culture to the rank of Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters at the age of 74.