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Julia is a Ukrainian photographer who lives in Prague. At only 28, her experience and the quality of her work are openly recognized in the professional photography industry. Her work is even more beautiful than she is. Julia is indeed beautiful, but her work is even more so. After having begun photography for only a few years, she quickly demonstrated her unique talent, her singular point of view for photography and her innate sense of scene composition. Beyond the laws of masculine viewpoint, she has been able to free herself from their codes and protocols. Her pictures are really famous and easily recognizable.


These photographs are like paintings: the grain, the scene composition of playful women enjoying the complicity of a licentious scenario. She is attached to black and white, which seems to freeze the models in their intimate frolics. Her models play and improvise before her lens. She transfigures them through photography, in the moment. Her models are charismatic and confident facing the camera. Sometimes naiads or nymphs, sometimes courtesans or libertines, the women she portrays are mysterious. She confesses she does not consider herself as a nude photographer, but more like someone who captures the body and sentimental language. Julia's personal collection now includes numerous medals and certificates of Merit of prestigious international photo contests, as well as more than 80 publications in different countries like Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, South Africa or Greece.


As a photographer, and with a woman’s viewpoint, what are your criteria for beauty?
The true artist must reveal something that inspires them.  Fashion is fickle and ephemeral, but beauty and sensitivity are everlasting.  To me, the feminine beauty is an everlasting value. Therefore, and particularly with a woman, I can show intense emotions when faced with erotic sensuality.  I like charismatic models: they tend to remain confident in front of the camera; they awaken the senses and demand the admiration [of the viewer] as they project their charisma.


Can you enlighten us about your vision of nude photography in your work?
Men and women photographers see the female body differently.  Men pay more attention to the most intimate parts, as a sort of claimed domination, but for a woman, mystery and beauty are most important, and that’s why I do nude.  Strangely enough, I do not care about a model’s degree of nudity; the most important thing for me is to have a clear vision, a slightly incomplete but balanced representation. A photographer should leave space for the imagination, and not capture a static image.  Each of my images is a mark of my emotions and feelings.

Any favourite quotes?

- Meet Julia Skalozub in Normal Magazine n°3 -

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