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- Meet Karen Joigny exclusively inside Normal Magazine n°8 -

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How did you become a model ?
My mother worked in the fashion environment for a while… She took part in some fashion shows and she was also a photographer. She kept a few contacts through the years and that’s what allowed me to be spotted at the age of 15 for a small advertising campaign for cosmetics. I’ve never been that attracted by this environment because back then, I was really introvert and a tad tomboy… Yet, I came back to France after five years in Ivory Coast where I signed with an agency at 17 to pay for my studies.

What is your link with your body ?
Now I am confortable with my body, and that was not necessarily the case. I learnt to take care of my body (I’ve got a good health practices) and I learnt to accept it the way it is. I think it’s important to feel good about oneself — and modeling helped me doing so even though there were some bad criticisms.

You seem to be very conformable with Nude Art, why ?
According to me, Nude is nothing but natural and that does not necessarily sexual connotations.

What’s the most beautiful in a naked body ?
I great lectures about nudity because nowadays, some women take off their clothes just to draw attention and tend to be vulgar… And there are women like me, which let the audience guesses and for some modesty. But I stay confortable with nude art, I do not have any issues with it. After all, what’s wrong with it ? Nothing…

Where do you live ?
I’d like to say that I live « everywhere »… I moved out very often those last years… Now I live in Toulouse, the pink city. It’s my hometown, and a great part of my family still lives there. But I want to evolve in modeling so I’ll need to leave it ! And anyway, I do not plan to live there for the rest of my life.

What questions of the agencies and the industries are you the most often being asked ?
They often ask me if I come from Paris and I’m available. They often ask me my past and origins in the modeling department… When I was a free-lancer, one often asks me what were my rate.

What do you defend ?
Love ! For me, it’s the key to everything.

A place that you absolutely adore ?
Honestly, and considering the risk of sounding like a slacker, I’s say my bed. Oh yes, my bed.

Rather crazy nights-out or friendly dinners ?
I do not have a favourite. I like the convivial dinners with my friends and family but I also like partying occasionally.

- Meet Karen Joigny exclusively inside Normal Magazine n°8 -

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