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Kristian Schuller is a photographer guided by composition, mastery of lightning but also by the precision of the movement. A movement which adds energy and texture to his prints : storms of fabrics, whirls of smoke, stains of water or powder explosions. Also inspired by Ancient Photography or by Federico Fellini’s movies, Kristian Schuller indisputably encourages the greatness of theatricality to find its path to his lens. Innumerable prints, all in all a brillant artwork, which is grouped together in his books 90 Days One Dream and Tales for Oskar. One can recognize Kristian Schuller through a perfect technique and a one of a kind creativity which has highlighted Gisele Bundchen, Amber Arbucci or Heidi Klum. Kristian Schuller is the fashion photographer who claims to be « no edgy ». Born in Romania, he stayed in Eastern Europe in his early years, which has been a deep influence on his life and on is work. Kristian Schuller studied fashion design with Vivienne Westwood, a great Londoner fashion creator — but he also studied photography at the Berlin Fine-Arts College.


After he graduated, he hesitated between fashion and photography but instead of choosing between those two, he decided to get these two ambitions together and to take the plunge and became a fashion photographer. Thanks to Isabella Blow, his debuts are quite significative since his arrival at CondéNast Publications in London. Kristian Schuller carries on his work on a international scale mainly through several fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper Bazaar, Elle and Glamour. His numerous trips around the world give rhythm to his life. For now, the artist zips back and forth between London, Paris, New York City and Berlin. According to this photographer, art imitates life. Kristian Schuller tries to make extreme pictures, he is a photographer who likes to think big. Women and dreams are the main topics which describe his work the most. Kristian Schuller makes extremely seducing pictures, opening up a new perspective on the dreamed world of fashion. One recognizes without any doubts Kristian Sculler’s flair,  according to whom, « creativity is always a work in progress ». A work in progress splits up through many researches, sketches, composition studies, studies about lighting, lighting, models, and so on. Perfectionist, the artist tends to emphasize all the details. Beyond that, theatricality is the notion which is the most put under the spotlight through his work. Pictures made for showing visual odes to theater….


Can you describe your style in a few words?

People say I'm not a minimalist! I like telling stories. I would say that I am more of a narrator; someone who will create a story, like a movie, which fixes eternity, captures an image, captures a moment. I like that there is, just like in the cinema, a before and an after.


Is photography the way to achieve your ambitions in fashion?

I will never reduce my work to the fashion aspect. I cannot hide the fact that I come from the fashion industry, I'm fascinated by the woman, but in the end I'm really a photographer! The men and women I photograph, I love them as they are, but I like that fashion sublimates them, or rather it emphasizes them. Fashion is creative, but the central point of my images lies in the person, the model and not what she wears.


Where does your inspiration come from?

I like to listen to the things of everyday life, everything around me. No matter what happens, it's the little moments, those short moments you take, and you get ideas out of it. I want to create stories, I want to explain and create characters with my stories that will seduce people.


Your own favorite picture?

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