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Lior is a 34-year-old self-taught fashion photographer. Born and raised in Israel, his first introduction to photography was when he was 26. During his studies in communication at the university, he was asked to take his camera to shoot a short film. In view of the result, everybody advised him to send his photos to a local newspaper. The editor decided to publish them. A week later, he received a call from the same newspaper and was offered a job as photo-reporter for soccer games. He now works with all major international magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Woman Magazine, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Playboy and more. His clientele is international, from the United States to Europe and Africa. He found his passion before graduating and his vision of photography has not been perverted by standards and protocols. His inspiration is singular, private and unique. Pure and original, his photos have a close connection to his private life, with places he knows and visited, with his feelings of love, hatred or passion-- all those emotions that inspire and bleed on his images. "The shots I take are my desires, my fantasies and my dreams," he says. Until he gains public recognition, he will continue his hard work in order to achieve this purpose.


He compares himself to Jack Kerouac-- the lonely vagrant who lives without roots, a drifter. No limits, no laws. His talent lies in his ability to translate his insight into images, his talent for transposing the outer limits of his creativity in picture form. For him, technique needs to make room for the emotions of the real life experience emerging from the picture. The model, the light and location are the determining factors as well as the primary elements to create an image. His models are surreal, sophisticated and unattainable, thus reflecting the mystery of uncontrolled and exacerbated passion, and he curves light according to his perception in order to sublime his model. According to him, women are the true power setting the universe in motion. His will is to create amazons, goddesses who transcend the ordinary: they are powerful, restrained, exceptional women, in a dream-like universe.

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