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Ludovic Baron is an artist-photographer who puts his vivid imagination to uplift his art. This young artist is born at Wattrelos in France in 1986. Modern, innovative, creator and a tend provocative, he has got a vision of photography which seduces by its willing to spread his most incredible thoughts. His thoughts appeared as « art-photographies ». Being a photography and pictures creation fanatic, Ludovic Baron encapsulates in is artworks many borrowings had been made from painting, cinema but also from modern myths since his ability one cannot deny to play with the antique and the modernity.

At first, Ludovic Baron’s carrer took place in Paris, now he has short-films (such as Perfect and Help Me, many artistic projects with some great French television channels as TF1, M6, some exhibitions in the most prestigious places of Paris, the Petit Palais, the théatre du Châtelet, and most recently, the Palais Garnier but also the Paris Hotel in Monaco and   Sparta in Los Angeles to his credit. Many celebrities trust his photographer’s abilities and pose for him — for instance, Eva Longoria, Justin Bieber and The Vamp posed for him. Ludovic Baron invites us in his realistic and dreamlike world in order to dream, and to wake our imagination up in the most spectacular way. His understanding of the light and production endows his pictures with realism and a sense of movement whereas these pictures are fixed and come well and truly from his imagination. The peculiarity of his photographies is also the result from research of the accuracy of an emotion — he sees in his photographies « the world as a jigsaw puzzle where every detail has its meaning ». His art-photographies seem to be the match between several pieces of life which come together inside the same artwork in order to create an ‘emotional’ destiny.


You expose your works in the most beautiful museums in Paris, you photograph celebrities like Justin Bieber, Eva Longoria, Lara Fabian ... How in 3 years have you been able to acquire such a career in art?

I had the chance to hang my paintings at the Petit Palais, the Palais Brongniart, the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, the Théâtre du Châtelet, the Opéra Garnier or the Sparta gallery in Los Angeles ... But nothing all that fell from the sky ... Since I arrived in Paris in 2005, I worked as never without giving up with a real desire to share my art with the public. I am very attentive to criticism and I am a man on the ground, I learn from my mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes and I'll probably make a lot of mistakes again ... I think my optimism and my ambition are in my favor but I'm also a perfectionist and it's in this sense that my clients, who are as famous as they can count on me.

Can you describe your style, like a good friend of you would describe it!

Cinematic and magical, I think these are the right words to describe my style.

You describe yourself more as an artist than as a photographer, can you explain why? What is the approach?

First, I have an idea, a reflection that I am laying on paper. I draw. Then to become a "art-photo", my drawing gives way to many stages like the casting to find the characters, the establishment of the artistic team (makeup, hairstyle, styling), to travel to photograph the elements of sets and of course the staging of models in the studio. It is the assembly of photos that will finalize the picture. The art of this technique is to tell a story through a process that moves away from the simple photography where the photographer must make a direct shot in a given place. I like to see the world as a jigsaw puzzle that can be fun to dissect and assemble differently, where every detail can be important even if it's captured here and there.

How do you imagine these different constructions, these different stagings?

All around me can inspire me, I draw my ideas in my emotions!

How did you come to photography?
I started with the video, and after making a film that was seen nearly 6 million times on youtube ("Help me"), I wanted to stage my ideas differently and the art- Photo was a fantastic way. The goal is to share more and more emotions.

- Meet Ludovic Baron in Normal Magazine n°8 -

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