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Why did you become a model ?
One day after I started college in the US, a classmate asked me to model for her project. The photos turned out great ! Until then, I never thought that I could be a model.

Your main character trait ?
Most of my friends and people I work with would say I’m really adventurous and outgoing.

To be a model is to be exhibitionist ?
It can be if you want to be, I guess. But to me, to be a model is to be a collaborator. It's always a great feeling when the magic happens! I love collaborating with talented people and producing unique images.

A guilty pleasure ?
I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar...so...donuts!

Your worst experience as a model ?
I wouldn’t say worst but on a consistent basis people tell me I should eat more. Ha! That’s my favorite thing to do...and believe me, I do...

The best ?
I've met a lot of talented artists through modeling. Meeting new people is the best, I’ve made a lot of my closest friends this way! Their creativity inspires me to do my best.

A place to relax ?
I love a good hike, especially near water.

Does nudity in photography mean sexuality ? 
Definitely not. Anyone who draws that conclusion isn’t very well informed. I think a lot of times *where* you see the image informs how you think of it. Like looking at something in an art gallery, versus scrolling past it on Instagram. But I decided a long time ago to do whatever I want in creating art because no matter what I do, some people will always see sexuality and I can't change their thoughts. So if I'm 100% happy with the work it doesn’t matter. 

The ultimate bad taste ?
You should see some of the Instagram messages I get...

The first thing you do when you wake up ?
Walk a block to go to my favorite coffee shop.I always get a cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant.

Your greatest ambition as a model ?
To create and share inspiration as widely as possible!

Your favorite hobby ?
Eating ! Followed by hiking. I have a little garden in my apartment and I spend time on that too.

- Meet Miki Hamano exclusively inside Normal Magazine -

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