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- Meet Raphael Say exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 7 -

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How did you become a model ?
At the beginning, I was a dancer. Four years ago, after an audition, someone came to me and asked me to join a model agency.

What’s the type of photography do you prefer to do ?
I love telling stories, playing characters, like in a play. The scripted Art photography and the fashion photography both excites me and look like me as long as I can express myself.

The major worry off ?
Putting red and pink together ! Fashion police ! (laughs)

A place to have a drink ? With whom ?
I love having a Virgin Coke Zero with my own Stéfanie Renoma at the Renoma Café. We’re at ease there, just to have fun or to have a work date.

The most photogenic place according to you ?
I did a photoshoot lately in an old abandoned barn lost in Italy, the atmosphere was incredible, the light and everything…

A place that you never visited but that attracts you ?
I’d like to do a photoshoot around the icebergs, in the Northern countries.

What’s your link with your body and the body in general ?
I like using it as a tool, as a musician would do with his guitar. It’s probably due to dancing ! I love taking advantage of shapes, challenging gravity… I move a lot and I try new things using my body when I do a photo-shoot or even in every-day life — I’m fascinated by what we can do when we really know our body.

Are you demanding towards your body ?
Constantly ! I’m not looking for perfection because it’s so boring, but I want to use it as I want to and to do so, it requires some rigour.

What does fill you with happiness ?
To be able to create, be inspired, and give life to all of this.

What does annoy you ?
To feel that we are can’t do what we want, that we are kept from doing it.

What are your beauty criteria, tour aesthetic canons ?
I don’t have criteria, what thrills me are emotions, intentions that some people convey. The more the book is her to read, the more interesting it gets. Having a good body, pretty hair, that’s easy especially with Photoshop. But having something to say and say it without talking, it does not require nips and tucks !

What are the main difference between men and women when it comes to the photographic approach during a photoshoot?
I don’t make any difference, I tend to doing less and less since I’m working with Stéfanie Renoma who questioning the gender completely. I like taking people to new aesthetics where they are not used to be taken — like me, when I do a photoshoot, I like to play with codes and lines.

Your plans ?
Every night, every day something new comes to my mind !

- Meet Raphael Say exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 7 -

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