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Sacha Goldberger is the French photographer of made up stories. Raised in a rather odd and outcast family, he established discrepancy as a way of life. Sacha Goldberg began as a creative artist at CLM BBDO, Philippe Michel’s advertising agency. Directing many advertising campaigns, he then throws himself into freelance. At Les Gobelins School, He receives a training in photography at the Gobelins School and shadows many photographers: a true acumen was born. Sacha draws his inspiration from the greatest, Erwin Olaf or Gregory Crewdson. One can notice some scattered inspirations tied to Flemish paintings or contemporary art. Sacha Goldberger also is the author-photographer of numerous photography books: : Made in love, Je t’aime tout simplement or Mamika : The Best is the result of a great love story between the artist and his grandmother, his most precious model. As a fan of discrepancy, he makes a point of honour to cultivate fancy.


His work is always strictly scripted, built and engineered, the touch of folly comes afterwards. This effort to divert everyday life is also present with Sacha. We can find many of his series, including Super Flemish: his work on super heroes wearing 17th century clothes in the Flemish fashion style of that time. As a true temporal disorder, Sacha Goldberger delves into characters going back to childhood and reclaims them, bringing them back in the bosom of art history. He tends to confront these tutelary figures of the American contemporary mythology with the Masters of the Flemish School of Painting. Sacha Goldberger visits various photography worlds, keeping in mind the idea of telling stories. An authentic hide-and-seek game then takes place. The artist creates indiscretions, causes whispering, inspires curiosities. As a director, Sacha elects places and costumes, leads the actors and the lights, crosses time and sticks to details but lets the one who mixes with these worlds the pleasure of ending, or not, the story, the serial. Sacha Goldberger takes pictures of true open adventure scripts plotting behind our back


How would a friend of yours describe your style?

I think that my loved ones find me creative, that's what defines me the best, as well as my constant search for aesthetics ... 

Who is the real "superhero" of your life?

It is certainly a little too predictable, but it's my grandmother. She went through so many events: during the war with my grandfather they saved 11 people, she survived Nazis, communists ... We could make a movie out of her life ! As for myself, I make pictures of it.


What do you think is the ultimate lack of taste?

Total look. I love blending and the unexpected.

What is your main quality?

It is most likely imagination, the desire to tell stories, to surprise.

Who are you influenced by?

I am mostly influenced by painting: ..the Flemish in general. In terms of pictures, I particularly appreciate Roversi, Shore, Avedon, Tim Walker, Nadav Kander, Indian Dayanita Singh.

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