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How did you become a model?
t all began when one of my friends asked me to pose for her school project. It was a series with the 20s vibes. Then, I posed for some other friends and I enjoyed it so I tried to find some other opportunities away from my relatives, and here I am !


How do a good friend of you would describe yourself ?
When people get to know me, they often say that I am a clever and brillant person but that I’m also emotional. I think a lot, which is surprisingly my flaw. By the way, I can be both friendly and introspective giving the situation. People rather love me or hate me !


Your best experience ?
One with the Sicilian photographer, GianLuca Bonanno, for Normal. I was so in it, so a certain harmony emerged. The location was beautiful and everything was perfect. I also enjoyed the experience of body-painting with a famous Italian artist.


The worst ?
An audition for a famous men magazine that I can’t name… I was connected by the brand, I got there and it was so disappointed and unprofessional.


A tad exhibitionist?
In a way yes, but not for the body exposure really much for the soul exposure. A model is always a representation of emotions and feelings through the photographer’s ideas. It’s almost as being an actress you must be for each picture.


The kind of photography you like to do?
My favorite photoshoots are the ones during which I can express my feelings like melancholia, sadness or clearance. My favourite pictures are dreamlike. When I’m surfing on web, I’m always inspired by the romantic, dreamy photography, almost pre-raphaelite. 


Why did you major in Lingerie and Nude Art ?
Let’s say that photographers notice me for my body and my sensuality ! At first, I was involved in Lingerie, glamour, and Nude because I like sensual atmosphere as much as I like dreamlike photoshoots. But Nude Art is not the easiest genre, because you cannot focus on anything : a dress, a jewel, the environnement… Everything must be expressed through the body and the face.


Your asset ?
My glance ! Photographers call it « the magnetic glance ». And I notice that thanks to photography


If you was not model ? 
I would probably be a tattoo artist, my dream is to be both and I’m working on it.


Your great ambition as a model ?
To work with as many amazing photographers as possible, people who can always teach me something and trust in me even for photoshoots that are new to me since I’d like to test different genres and techniques.


Where do you live ?
I live in Rome, but I hope I’d move in the North when I could !


Your trick ? 
I’m not satisfied with the current situation, I always want something more to reach new goals. I can’t stop ! I’m obsessed with time so I plan my to-do list every day to not loose precious time and I want to do as much as I can do. I’m a quite demanding person and that can be annoying sometimes


What do you plan to do in the next decade ?
I want to travel more and to move out !

- Meet Sadie Gray exclusively inside Normal Magazine -

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