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Stefan Rappo is the photographer of emotions.  Simple, pared-down, without sophistication or any superfluous staging; it is a return to a natural state and a focus on feelings.  Like a cinematographic feel; his images are odes to women, in short films, silent and poetic.  What strikes out is the calm and serene atmosphere.  The viewer, though kept at a distance, is allowed in the intimacy of a theatrical play, a drama behind closed doors where tangible tension forms the narrative.


At the age of 30 Stefan Rappo leaves Switzerland and his former trade to join a photography school.  He then becomes assistant to Camilla Akrans, Bruno Aveillan and finally Peter Lindbergh for over 4 years now.  He also works on personal projects, movie stagings, feminine nudes and some more commercial jobs, including a few lessons for Aubade.  His photo shoots are open and based on spontaneity and freedom, almost “out of control” to leave space for elements, and create live within constructed frames.

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