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Here is the story of a young man, a bit withdrawn, shaping singular images but yet recognizable among all, images that stimulate the imagination. Always in black and white, always devoted to women, images of beauty and mystery.  A Polish man creating sensual and enigmatic portraits, a set designed with radiant elegance, sometimes of simple situations, causing desire and stimulating fantasy.


With a practice steeped in tradition and facilitated by modern technique, he reshapes the old-fashioned to give it new life, in an aesthetic and narrative approach, similar to Helmut Newton: a granular picture in black & white to transcribe the results from film, frozen and sculptural poses, strong and overtly erotic women.


When did you decide that photography would become your life’s work?
I became fascinated by film photography at the age of 18. It was then a tremendous adventure. Later on, I enlisted at University in an Economics’ class, which bored me deeply. I started a photography club with a few friends. We had conferences on photographic theory and history and also spent hundreds of hours in the darkroom developing photos, and working on the technique and the processes. The nostalgia of these processes still accompanies me to date, and it is for that reason I special in black and white. When I graduated from university I founded a company with my father and two other friends, thinking that photography would remain only a passion. But after a year, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I left the company, against my father’s will and decided to focus exclusively on photography. I enlisted as an assistant with a studio belonging to a famous model’s agency without any contact within the profession of any decent portfolio. I shot weddings to earn a living. During that time my only support was my fiancée and muse, whom never ceased to believe in me and motivated me never to give up on mu projects, even the most far- fetched ones. This was the beginning.

Was must a model do to seduce you?
Offer me some chocolate! More seriously, a professional approach is the only way to obtain spectacular results. A model must seduce the viewer, not the photographer. Guided in a respectful manner, the model should be an actress, creating an atmosphere and a tension through her beauty and emotions. The role of the photographer is to capture these emotions, put in a certain context, in order to obtain a unique image.

What constitutes “bad taste” according to you?
Bad taste in photography is met when images are boring, and obviously predictable. Bad taste leaves no more to the imagination.

Why did you choose to stay in Poland, it is without a doubt not the best place to succeed as a photographer and to exhibit?
This is exactly what June Newton told me when I showed her my book during an exhibition in Monte-Carlo. She said: “Szymon, you should mode to Paris et find an agent!” But I love Poland, and my hometown Poznań , my family is here, and wifi works for me. I ca travel wherever and whenever, and Polish girls are the most beautiful women on earth!

What did you have to forgo when deciding to become an art photographer?
I do not consider myself an art photographer nor a commercial photographer. To be honest, I do not understand this difference. I only do that which pleases me, whether it be a personal project or a large advertising campaign. To me, this is the only way to remain faithful to one’s vision and fulfill one’s desires. The more freedome I have the greated the result will be.​

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