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Why did you become a model ?
The world of Art always attracted me for as long as I can remember. I was rather creative and dynamic (many activities with my hands, writing activities, drama lessons, singing lessons and dancing as well…). Thanks Mom ! And everything was performed at home (or at school). As a teenager, some « photographers » were flirting with me downtown, in supermarkets, on my way to school or when I commuted… Anyway, I shut shootings down every time ! And then I became more involved in the cultural sphere in Lille, I met many people among which there was this person I met on Facebook, a few years ago but he ever wanted me back then, because I was not a model — It was late 2012. It begins to date. That’s how it all begins, my contract at the City Hall of Lille came to an end so I was free as a bird ! Trixie made her entrance !

Why the Nude Art ?
Because I was pushed trough it since the first shooting ! I was so shy. And then it simply went on.

Why did you stopped doing Nudes ?
Frankly, I am sick of it. Sick of being always naked, in summer, in winter… Currently thinking of having a flat stomach, avoiding rolls, doing squats, swelling out my chest… I want to be able to eat a pretty good tartiflette before shooting if I want it to. I am a bon viveur, I don’t want to always think about my body or the way I look. I want to be the only in charge of my hairs without hearing any unkind remarks. Being a Nude model is not an easy thing. Imagine how many times I had to climb dusty, filthy, greasy things up just to make a dreamy picture ! All of these bruises I had due to acrobatic shootings — my partner had hard time to believe the way I look after my shootings, with all the scratches because of the rocks, the bugs which did not appreciate me sitting on their houses, the cold of the dew which did not pass zero Degree Celsius, which made me look life a Smurf and so on… So please, dear, put my clothes on ! But be assured that I will make some apparences in my best costume … 

Is there a line between eroticism and Nude Art ?
The lines are thin. Nude Art can be not eroticism and to mention eroticism, arousing desire, one doesn’t necessarily need nudity. I don’t want to give definitions for one or for another. It would take so much time ! But it’s true that when I tell my neophyte circle my job, it shocks ! They think I am doing porn !

Your male fantasy ?
(laughs) It’s me !

Being model is the same thing as being exhibitionist ?
It’s not. Because being exhibitionist is showing outrageously your genitals parts in public, according to its definition. I am not exhibitionist at all. And I can say, I am going to naturist beaches for four years (to avoid tan-lines) and I am still a little nervous about going around naked on the beach ! I swear !

What would a photographer who work with you would say if we ask him about you ?
Well, pick him (well) and ask him ! 

If you was not a model…
I would probably be still locked up in my little city hall with my little contract, or a porn star or a nun. I don’t know !

Why this nickname ?
Trixie, it comes from so far away. I really like this name. Look at its meaning on the Internet. It’s everything to me — except maybe the jealous and possessive aspect. Two thing that I don’t know about fortunately. Eva stands for Eve in the Eden Garden and « Lhomme » is linked to my hometown : Lomme. And Eve bites for Adam, her man. Then the « mise à nu ». There’s a little bit of Adam in Eva. Eva has also the same values and positive energies as Trixie. And don’ t forget that the first tattoo I got was a snake ! So it leads to : Eva Lhomme Trixie in that order.

What does qualify you the most ?
My independance.

And what does qualify you the most and you don’t like it ?
My susceptibility.

Your favorite past-time ?
(laughs) I’m not telling you that !

How do you see yourself in ten years ?
Trick question, I have so much ideas in mind. The thing is to realize them, fighting for them. Some fields are calling me. But creation seems to stay on top. So let’s meet in ten years… Same place, same time…

To what extent do you use your looks ?
I don’t use it much at the end ! I do some advertising for exhibits, magazines, books, non-famous artists that I like, my friends, everywhere Trixie appears obviously ! I always use it for me, when I’m going out, eating in a restaurant, good tips for the city I’m in. I am not really into social medias. By the way I’m not using Twitter nor Instagram. I don’t have a dedicate fan page on Facebook ! Just one account (and two more for emergency) and my online portfolio. It’s enough. By word of mouth is doing the work ! One posts a lot about me (thanks though). No need to play with my look more than that. When I am at a preview, I play a character, and then I really play it and I like it !

Your fear ?
Becoming mad someday !

Your plans ?
In the short term : making more fashion and beauty shoots, making different plans and most importantly : have more roles on the big screen.

- Meet Trixie exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 6 & 10 -

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