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Vijat Mohindra is the neo-pop photographer of ultra-modernism and hyper-synthetic aestheticism. Born in Ohio, he now lives and works in Los Angeles. Vijat Mohindra studied photography before he graduated from the seminal Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Inside his elaborated settings, Mohindra chooses the most powerful tones of the colour spectrum — royal blue, apple red, canary yellow : all of these colours are very saturated colours used by the artist for their dynamism and audacity. The colours in his pictures are just as unnatural as the hallucinogenic paintings he creates for the panel of his range of themes. He presents portraits made of primary colours, transcendental icons with an  artificial body revealed in a super-modern world which pushes us outside of our own world. His dazzling and anti-truth style of his work has attracted a celebrities clientele such as Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Dita VonTeese and many others. The famous photographer of famous people places his work in a contemporary minimalism and monochrome inside a fashionable geometry where gender and sexuality could act as a prism.


How would you define the nude in today's photography?

I believe that the nude is the person's most beautiful form. Western culture tends to cover and dress the body as a form of self-expression, but I am more interested in the aesthetics of what lies behind, underneath it. I like to present the nude in its highly "polite" way, as in fashion or advertising campaigns.

How do you create your settings?

I love interior vintage interior design. Thus, I try to bring this aesthetic in my work. I like to build my own set design where I can bring back to life all kinds of styles, old and forgotten decors of the past. I like the fact that my work brings out that artificial and synthetic dimension. That's why I never include plants, greenery or any other reference to organic matter in my work.

Is being a photographer also being a voyeur?
I think photography is very voyeuristic, but the type of art I create is set up and controlled as a painter would. Every detail is meticulously planned so as to give my own point of view

- Meet Vijat Mohindra in Normal Magazine issue 8 -

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