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Yves Kortum starts his higher education in photography in 1990. Quickly, he leaves school to become the main assistant of an important photographer who offered him the position. In 1993, he arrives in Paris and start to work for a renowned model agency. One year later, he realises his first cover for Elle magazine. In 1996, he starts working for Elite Vienna and takes care of the photographies and scouting in eastern Europe countries. In 2000, he settles in Luxembourg, his hometown, where he opens his studio. His current work is still linked with fashion and nude.


Your photography style, in one sentence ?
A sharp black and white, dramatic and sensual with a hint of Helmut Newton!

What is your vision of nude photography and how do you use it ?
A nude for me must be simple and pure, beautiful curves in order to highlight the body’s beauty, to play with shadows, lights in order to make curves more aesthetic. For me, a nude shouldn’t in any case show private parts.

Which elements, in your opinion, make a good picture ?
I organise every single aspect of my pictures. I look for an idea, I create a storyboard as in a movie, either with drawings or with inspirational photographs. Then, I look for a team: make up, hairdresser, designer, etc. I organise the session, study the light, the poses… but what is going to make this photo a success, it is a factor on which I am waiting for and on which I count on all the time: chance. Chance can be gust of wind, something falling down, a spontaneous expression, unpredicted, a funny face from the model, a move, someone passing by…

Your main character trait ?
Ambitious and passionate.

The one you’re the least proud of ?
Often doubtful.

An indispensable object ?
My diary.

What are the qualities of a good model ?
A model must understand what the photographer wants of her, I give lines to follow but then the model must develop them with me, together. As everything in a photo shoot, it’s a team effort. 


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