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Self-taught photographer and artist from the Netherlands, Bastiaan Woudt made his debut in the image more than ten years ago, inspired by the masters of photography; Man Ray, Irving Penn or Richard Avedon. Although following in the footsteps of these masters of film, Bastiaan reappropriates them using modern digital techniques. Without experience or formal training, he develops a strong signature that manifests itself in a wide range of subjects. The artist thinks that color only distracts the viewer attention from the image. For him, the expressive power of photography: lines, shapes and textures are best appreciated in black and white. Rather than achieving a faithful reproduction of a place, person or object, Woudt wants to take the audience with him into the image, allowing them to discover their own ideas and feelings about what is depicted.

Woudt work is minimalist and moving, playing with the beauty of imperfection. With charcoal and anthracite tones, his compositions are elegant and vaporous, his photography gives the impression of entering a modern painting. With techniques that oscillate between the abundance of details, controlled blurring and digital solarizations, he creates images whose strength lies in the presence he offers to his models and his subjects. Woudt work has earned him international fame, it is exhibited all over the world and is part of the most prestigious collections.

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