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Can you describe your photographic style in three words?
Mysterious, romantic, melancholy. I believe that my photos float in a timeless dimension without space and without law.

Is being young an advantage or a disadvantage?
It depends, unfortunately. Italy is not yet ready for young people, especially cinematographers, thats why I do everything myself. Nobody helped me. In other countries, the mentality is different; many agencies help young talents and prepare the way for them. Here unfortunately if you are young you are not considered so you have to do it alone.

Is the model the starting point for a photograph?
Yes, absolutely. I mainly take pictures of women and each woman I shoot has an unconscious and particular meaning for me, which is why I associate each model with a chromatic range, a place and a story where the subject, the woman, becomes more than a model.

What is a good photographer for you? And what is a good role model?
A good photographer is one who listens to his inner voices; he manages to free himself from the fashion of the moment and from all the images that influence everyone every day. He only listens to what he feels. A good model, on the other hand, should not think about looking good or beautiful, but should get carried away with the situation.

Your main quality? The worst ?
My great quality is the purity with which I shoot. I believe that my photos are very pure because nothing influences them. My biggest fault is having a lot of difficulty emotionally leaving my photographic projects. The memories are sometimes too overwhelming and too intense, this can be a strength if it is channeled well, but for the moment it is more of a weakness.

What do you think of nudity?
This is a subject close to my heart, nudity is the basis of many of my photos. I myself have a very close relationship with nudity. I would take a lot more nudes, (almost all of my photography projects, I imagine them nude) but unfortunately with Instagram, that cant happen. Its really ridiculous that in 2019 Instagram is censoring nude photos. Some of my photos have been deleted three times. My heart cries because, due to this narrow view, I can only express 50% of my talent on social networks and therefore cannot show who I really am!

Are there any photos you regret?
No, because I believe that every photo is part of you, the one you like just as much as the ones you dont.

What has fashion brought you?
Lots of business contacts, but Im not sure fashion is right for me. We will see !

What photographic equipment do you use?
Nikon D810 with two lenses, a fixed 35mm and a 24-70. Im thinking of buying an 85mm exclusively for portraits.

Your greatest ambition in life?
My greatest ambition is simply to remember things!

What was your most difficult photoshoot?
Each photo session requires demanding physical activities including travel, emotionally trying times.

What are your beauty criteria?
My criteria of beauty are linked to my mother. At first, I was looking for her among the women I photographed. They were always ethereal and delicate, just like her. Now I try to vary more!

Your favorite tales or legends?
My big myth and my biggest influence is Lars von Trier. All his films are a great source of inspiration for me, my favorite being Melancholia, a masterpiece that has influenced my photography so much!

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