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Volume exhausted. No reissue.Only available in its collection version, with signatures.

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The question has always arisen of the idea of Beauty that dominates an era. Couldn't we hear that any image can be artistically beautiful: beautiful when it gives pleasure to the senses, beautiful when it questions, beautiful when it shocks, beautiful when it tends to explore the universe of dreams and fantasies. You are invited, throughout this book, to discover this idea of beauty through the different figures of women.


Second Special Edition of Normal Magazine, in art book format, hard cover for 278 pages. 168 photographers.  Limited edition, numbered and sealed. Each issue is signed by at least one photographer present in it. Cover of your choice among 4 different ones. 

Praise of Women - Special Edition 2 - Cover 2

  • With: Gregory Crewdson, Mario Testino, Pierre & Gilles, Sebastiao Salgado, Nick Knight, Rankin, Ruven Afanador, Ellen Von Unwerth, Oliviero Toscani, Russel James, Erwin Olaf, Eugenio Recuenco, Kourtney Roy, An Le, Manolo Campion, Michael Kenna, Tyler Shields ... 168 photographers from the greatest to the most promising, the Normal selection

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