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"Escape from your habits and open up to emotions. Feel them behind the art. Maybe some chapters will please you more than others, each one is unique, inviting you to a new show They tell of the emotions, states and personalities hidden in each of us, tinged with savagery, strangeness and authenticity, and brought to light with passion and talent. Thank you to you, spectators and spectators, because "the artists don't exist without an audience". We hope to share our emotions with you throughout the pages and mischievously tickle your curious and creative mind, even a little more today! I invite you to discover my fantastic travels, far from my days ordinary...
Accompany us in this book, take pleasure in discovering it, draw your favorite photos and keep your curiosity awake for the next story when you turn the page!"

It's Magdalena - Thomas Freyer

  • Here is Thomas Freyer's very first monographic book, edited and published by Normal Magazine (Editions Incarnatio). It brings together on 260 pages, his  the most artistic work born from his collaboration with his model and muse Magdalena.

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