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First Monograph of the artist Julien Benhamou, official photographer of the Paris Opera, expert in the art of dance, movement and the body. 


Julien Benhamou - The Poetry of Movement

  • If photography is the art of capturing time and seizing a furtive moment to install it in eternity, then the art of Julien Benhamou is its quintessence. He is the photographer of dance, muscle and movement. Whether he's photographing outdoors or in the studio, it flies and twirls; the style is ethereal, the dynamic constructed like a rhythmic measure.

    The image remains fixed but the object is versatile, volatile, mobile, animated by the cadence: the spectacle is alive. Julien captures the poetry of curves and lines and offers us a representation of aesthetics. Time is suspended, just like its model dancers who, under the guise of Greek gods, will never fall again from the jump they have just performed.

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