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DELIVERY EARLY JULY - Awaiting signature by Antoine Verglas

Collection box: Normal Magazine N°15, in art book format, hard cover for 278 pages. Limited edition of 15, numbered and sealed. Signed book. 
2 covers of your choice.

Box + Totebag + Ex Libris Canson, size 20x15cm, signed by Antoine Verglas. Limited to 15. 

Normal 15 - Collection Box

  • With: Bruno Dayan, Martin Machaj, Richard Bernardin, Formento + Formento, Marc Lagrange, Antoine Verglas, Fabien Dettori, Haris Nukem, Lukas Dvorak, Vicoolya & Saida, Lorenzo Taliani, Kourtney Roy Vlad Spivak, Isabelle Chapuis

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