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  • What is Normal Magazine?
    Normal Magazine is a four-monthly publication dedicated to body-focused fine art photography. Between the art book and the magazine, Normal makes you discover the intimacy of the greatest contemporary photographers as well as new talents, through series of interviews, portfolios and exclusive series mixing art, the nude and fashion, gathered on nearly 300 pages.
  • Can I contribute to Normal Magazine?
    In a desire to make the reader interact, we are open to any editorial proposal, whether it is from photographers, models, creators or designers. We support ideas, projects articulated around three themes, which are art, fashion and the nude. We hope that all of you, inspired amateurs, enthusiasts or professionals, can access this showcase that we are opening for you, in the name of art.
  • Can I offer Normal Magazine to a loved one?
    Yes!Once paid, you just have to contact us, at the latest one hour after the validation of the order or to indicate during the purchase, the address of the person concerned.As confirmed by the T&Cs, once this period has passed, only the buyer will be entitled to take advantage of the order.
  • How to have a dedicated number?
    Subscribers automatically have one of their number autographed when it's not all. Some issues are sent to readers at random, after an artist has visited the editorial office to sign around fifty issues.
  • Why are old issues more expensive?
    Normal Magazine is a collector's magazine, printed in a limited edition, never reissued. The first issues are sold out, rare and only a few hundred copies were printed. They are therefore expensive. Remember to save your numbers!
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