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KATIA 8832.jpg

Pablo Almansa

katia, 2018



100 x 150 cm


3 000 € 



Authentification : Work sold with invoice and certificate of authenticity


Signature : Signed work


Technique : Digital Photography


Support : Fine Art Print


Tirage : 1 / 3 copy


Dimensions : 100 x 150  cm 

KATIA 8832.jpg
KATIA 8832.jpg
KATIA 8832.jpg
The work is signed and will be sold with a certificate of authenticity autographed by the artist, at the front or back of the work or on the certificate submitted with the work. Limited editions are individually numbered. The prints are made by the photographers themselves or under control by a specialised professional laboratory.
Do not hesitate to contact one of our artistic advisors if you have any question about the work or the artist. All photographs featured on our website have the tax status of artwork. The French tax law considers work of art as, "photographs taken by the artist, printed by him or under his control, autographed, numbered and limited to thirty copies, all sizes and materials combined", given the Article 98 A of the Annex 3 of the General Tax Code.

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