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The principle of the agenda: associate your idea, your brand or your concept, with the DA of the greatest photographers and creatives, and this, in an accessible way

All shootings linked to Normal are  the field of a brand or a concept which will see its identity or its products put forward, with the aimthe reception of visuals (transfer of rights) made by the best, videos produced by experts, with a team of influencers and talents, all linked to an experience for the brand, in situ, and this, in an exclusive way for you. 

We propose to brands, institutions or identities, to integrate productions already made or to adapt our shootings / productions to your identity or according to your needs.

January 2022

Louis-Adrien LeBlais. Industrial - Lille

Nicolas Guerin.  Castle life - Le Mans

Julien Benhamou.  Opera Dancers - Paris 19th

Celine Andrea. Bains Douches Paris & Maryluz Garcia -BOOKED